Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There is a reason.....

.........for my lack of blogging.

Actually, there are hundreds of them....

Here are a few....

(and yes, I am attempting to get some sympathy...)

Last week I....

Had 4 root canals

And 1 filling

And 8 crowns.

More dental work than the average person has in their lifetime. I did it in 1.5 days.

And did I mention I drove to and from Phoenix to get it all done? Maybe the most dangerous 7 hours home I've ever driven, being hopped up on pain killers and all.

Then, I got 32 cold sores,

And 145 cankers.

And ate soup for 10 days.


I got home and had to work my hiney off to make up for the time I took off.

I worked a 17 hour shift, thanks a lot, stupid call,

Then got violently ill,

And completely lost my voice.

Still ill, I drove to Salt Lake,

Took my Physics boards for ultrasound..


To celebrate, Jack and I went to the zoo,

And had a blast!!!

Then I spent some quality time with my family,

Which included making fab vintage necklaces,

Chatting it up with my awesome sisters and sil,

And punching an ear tag on a cow with my Dad.

What a great week!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To some....

To some, this may look like a random collection of scribbles. But to me, this picture signifies months and months of practice and, ta da, skillfully mastering the art of drawing a cirlce.

To some, this picture shows a scroungy little boy, with disheveled hair, whose mother didn't even bother to wipe his breakfast off his face before posing him for the shot. Some may see a child in their pajamas, even though it is probably 10 AM.

But to me, I see my sweet boy, whose hair grows so quickly, that I can't manage to keep it tamed. I see his breakfast on his face, which shows that he jumped down and ran away from me too quickly for me to finish cleaning him up. I see a scratched elbow which shouts that summer is in full swing; and that this boy, who runs and jumps and never slows down, is loving every minute of it.

I see his Lightning McQueen pajamas, and remember the fight that ensued when trying to get him dressed in real clothes. Its a reminder that these days, its not important to sweat the small stuff.

I see a kid, beaming with pride, who has come a long way in the last year, (from eating crayons) to now drawing perfect circles!

You can see it all too now, right?