Saturday, October 15, 2011

I have REALLY been wanting to blog, but it seems I am JUST too busy to get around it, what with my one kid and 3-day a week job and all;)

There is SO much to blog about and catch up on!

Here's a preview, in no apparent order....

  • Jack turned 4!!

  • I ran/walked/was dragged across the finish line of a HUGE, LONG, UPHILL the whole way 5K(I'm still trying to catch my breath)

  • I can seemingly survive any sort of natural/nuclear disaster that may come our way, thanks to the fact I have bottled every fruit and vegetable from here to Kingdom come

  • I, {insert title of person who is the polar opposite of animal rights activist/peta member}, got a cat

  • I turned 29...ugh....

  • I officially became the 29-year old, single, crazy cat lady

  • Jack rode a sheep at the local Labor Day festivites for 0.2 seconds, and ONLY cried for 1.2 hours after his painful dismount

  • We visited Wheeler Farm for their Pumpking Patch and Corn Maze, and were sorely disappointed in how it compares to Staheli Farm

  • I missed St. George, yet again

  • Jack started an "active hour" kids class and has learned to skip, chasse, do somersaults and backbends

  • He has, however, NOT learned that wrestling the other kids during class is inappropriate

  • Jack had an amazing Super Hero birthday party

  • I pulled an all-nighter preparing for said event, and only had one meltdown during my preparations when I couldn't get the flour bucket lid off

I guess even SuperMom has her kryptonite.