Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Randomness On My Mind

This is what's been on my mind lately...
I must warn you, my mind is a scary place to venture at times...
*reader beware*
I was a very disgruntled customer when I got to Harmons and they were out of the full-size bags of Cadbury mini eggs and I had to buy tiny individual bags instead.
When I got home and unpacked my loot, the thought occurred to me that my candy supply might be getting a little out of hand....

HE is on my mind as usual. He is with his Dad and I miss him fiercely! I'm ashamed to admit that the first 2 days he is gone are rather relaxing for me and I somewhat enjoy it. But after that I'm ready for him to come back.
The other day I got out of the shower and could hear water running in his bathroom, so I yelled across the house,
"JA-ACK" , turn of the waa--teerr."
I assumed he was running his "color changing" cars under it as usual.
I was surprised by his reply.
"Noo--ooo Mom, I'm not finished doing my haa--aaiiirrr."
Then an instant later...in he walks to greet me.
Very. Well. Done.

Yep, even opened the gel by himself!
(and used half the jar)
(and we had to wash his hair 4 times to get it all out)

Also on my mind....
I traded in my Zack Morris brick phone.
Despite my elation over my new phone, I was rather sad to retire my old one.
It was hard for me to say goodbye.
It was even harder for my phone to say goodbye, cause it was dead.
Literally dead.
Wouldn't even work.
The new phone arrived at the perfect time.
It's pretty awesome. It can do amazing things. Like take pictures.
And I think some other things too, but I haven't figured them out yet.
(Valentine's Day at the Park)
Tomorrow, my big sis' is having baby #4!!!!
I am thrilled for her.
But more importantly, the secret will finally be out
and I won't have to keep it in anymore!!!!
In case you didn't know....I scanned her and know what the sex is,
but, NO ONE else knows.
It's been the most difficult secret EVER to keep.
Which probably explains why I haven't kept it.
I've told A LOT of people.
So I am putting my crafting abilities to the test and sewing a beyond darling boppy pillow cover for her. THIS is the fabric, but its even more cute in person.
I will not show the coordinating fabric and rickrack cause it would be a dead giveaway.
And I'm great at keeping secrets and will not ruin my track record now.
Enough for now...
I'm off now to take a sewing class,
sew said boppy pillow cover,
eat some candy,
work a half-day tomorrow,
drive up to Salt Lake,
meet my adorable niephew(ha ha ha),
pick up my baby,
and be back to work by Thursday.
Now do you see why my mind is so crazy?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's GREAT to have cousins that wear the same size in case you forget your pjs.....

It's NOT so GREAT when that cousin is a girl!