Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas.

For the last 11 months I have been counting down the days of 2010 and praying the year would end quickly. I've had a terrible attitude about the upcoming holidays and truly wished this last one, painful month of 2010 would be over and I could have a new start and a better outlook for 2011.

In the last few weeks, all of that has changed.

I'm not sure what I've done to be worthy or deserving of the overwhelming acts of kindness, generosity and love that have been displayed toward Jack and I, and the outpouring of friendship that I have felt. All I do know is that the Spirit of Christmas is alive and burning in my heart and soul, and that the love of our Heavenly Father has me humbled beyond description.

The entire month of December has brought us one enormous blessing after another; the Heavens have truly been opened upon us, prayers have been answered and I have been brought to joyful tears on a daily basis.

I don't want this month to EVER end. (Or the year, for that matter.)

Even though at innumerable times throughout the year I thought that I simply could not survive one more day, I somehow managed to get through each day and felt the Comforter urging me on. My testimony and knowledge of His love for us were strengthened each time I felt His loving arms enfold me and remind me to have faith that things will be okay.

While I never in my wildest dreams could've predicated the trials and challenges that we've been faced with this year, I am grateful for the opportunity I've had to learn and grow and truly understand His plan for us.

I hope you've all managed to feel the Christmas Spirit like we have this holiday season. I'm so grateful for the birth of the Savior, and the opportunity this time of year gives us to reflect on His life, our own lives, and to reach out and serve others.

Merry Christmas!

Love, The Johnsons

December Festivities

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Famous One-Liners.

Yesterday, Jack's daycare teacher recited this great one-liner to me that Jack exclaimed earlier in the day:
"My dad's not a grown-up, he's just old."