Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Attic

Since I purchased the home "as is," I had to remove all the junk before the renovations could take place.  We had a big work day where lots of family and friends came and helped clear out the house.  

Here are some before and during the dejunking and renovations:

West-facing attic window

East-facing attic window

Once the junk was removed, I was eager to get to work.  First, I pulled up the linoleum floors they had over top of these beautiful wood plank floors. HUGE mistake!!  

As soon as I started to rip off the ceiling drywall, all the 80 year old insulation came falling down and made an enormous mess, in between each gap of my beautiful wood floors.  Lesson learned.  Downstairs, I realized I should take the floors up AFTER all the walls are ripped out.

East wall

Facing West:  There was a wall at the top of the stairs by the fireplace, and originally I planned on keeping it.  But, once I saw the way it looked opened up, I had a change of plans! 
 Those giant piles are all the ceiling insulation!

East corner

The plans for the attic at this point are:
Update the electrical(it's the original knob and tube!) 
Reinsulate the walls and ceiling
New drywall and paint
Refinish the wood floors

One end will be Jack's bedroom and the other will be an office/ playroom area!
Can't wait!