Friday, August 20, 2010

So Long, Sweet Summer

The other morning as we left the house, I realized that summer was truly winding down. Jack proclaimed that it was cold outside, and I admittedly felt a nip in the air, too. It was 68. Believe me, that is cold for us.

I'm not terribly sad to see summer coming to an end this year. It just seems that everything we do right now is a new first. Our first summer alone. Our first family trip as a family of two instead of three.....the list goes on....

Despite the sadness and newness of it all, we have had a decent summer. Jack learned to pedal his trike, we visited the zoo and Bear Lake, and spent our days off cooling off at various splash pads around St George with our friends.

I'm already looking forward to fall with some hesitancy. Jack's birthday, followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are sure to bring about a gamut of emotions. I'm sure with the help and love of our family and friends, we'll get through it, too!